Monday, February 18, 2008

Steven P. Royse

Steven is an awesome guy! He's a great Godly man in pursuit of God's glory. I learn lost of things from him on a regular basis! He is very easy to talk to, and asks very good, smart, well thought out questions, and always has good logical scriptural answers for my questions. but...........

*yes steven, this is just to make you feel guilty

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Anthony Plopper said...

Yeah, I'd love to read what he has to say on many things...I hope he writes.

Kaity said...

yah steven... i have been checkin this thing to see if you post... and you dont. ever. come on! get with it!!!

Bobby said...

Man, I feel guilty for not posting, and it's not even my blog.
Come on, Steven. Drop some wicked theological goodness on us.
Sorry, I was trying to be didn't work.