Saturday, April 26, 2008

Passing Reflection on Glory

God's glory is greater than we can possibly imagine - greater than our wildest dreams. The fullness of who He is, the fundamental truth, deeper than anything in the universe, more real than all else that is or has been or will be. His greatness, His kindness, His mercy, His justice, His vengeance, His righteousness, His love, His everything.

His glory.

Great is the Lord of all!

- Chris

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Rman said...

God's glory is greater than anything we can imagine, that is why it is so striking that He seeks to relate to us so much, and that He suffered and died for us.

Even though God is great, what does this greatness mean? How do we know this greatness? How do we express the meaning of this? If God is love, then what does it mean to love? How do we, as finite men, understand and relate this infinite greatness to other finite men to improve the condition of all men as an expression of God's love for the world and in fulfillment of the duties set upon us as recipients of the blessing and transformation of our souls that He has given us?

Reflecting on His glory is important, just as a stirring hymn can push the soul to praise, so can such reflection. Of course, one of the major things we need to do, is to make sure that we know what God means.